Fred & Anik – Sunset Beach / Treasure Island Florida Engagement Session

I had the pleasure of photographing this attractive, fun-loving couple in their element — at the beach, and on the waves! I’ve known Anik for a while, having met her in a business class.  She’s a gorgeous person, inside and out. You may remember Anik from this Day in the Life session with her young daughter.  Well, I was thrilled when I learned that Anik had met her love, Fred, who she spoke of glowingly.  I couldn’t wait to meet this man who had stolen her heart!

Well, Fred is just as wonderful as Anik described, and they’re obviously head over heels in love!  (They’re both the type of people who make you feel comfortable right away, like you’ve been friends all along.)

This was such a fun session!  Here are some of my favorite images.  Leave a comment below and let me know which ones are your favorites, and why!





It was the most natural thing to head to the coast for Anik and Fred’s engagement session.  They not only love stand-up paddle boarding, but they have a yoga/stand up paddle boarding business, Bella Soul Yoga and SUP!  Check out their website here!


I didn’t think there was much in the way of surfing on the Gulf Coast. I learned from Fred, who’s an expert on the subject, that Sunset Beach is the place to be if you want to catch some waves.  Sunset Beach is a beach on the southern tip of Treasure Island, between The Gulf of Mexico and Boca Ciega Bay.  It’s primarily a residential beach community full of charming fishing cottages.  It was explained to me that this area has waves that attract local surfers because it has a sandbar with big drop-off, which creates a large swell that breaks to the north.  There are also large rock jetties. On any given weekend, you’ll find hundreds of surfers there. Who knew?









I’m looking forward to capturing Anik and Fred’s wedding next year in St. Augustine!




Corey & Lauren – Engaged! Downtown St. Pete, Florida Engagement Session

I had the honor of photographing Lauren & Corey in downtown St. Pete to celebrate their engagement!  I could tell that they’re head over heels in love!



We wandered around Vinoy Park, in St. Petersburg, with all its awesomeness.  It’s one of my favorite spots in the Tampa Bay area. It was a humid Florida day, but Lauren and Corey didn’t seem to notice anything but each other 🙂


“From this day forward, you shall not walk alone. My heart will be your shelter, and my arms will be your home.”  ~Dana Marie Bell





What a perfect way to celebrate their new engagement!  I feel honored that Lauren and Corey allowed me to capture this very special time in their lives!

Click here to watch a highlight video of some of my favorite images!



What do you want to remember?

I believe that memories are the most important things we own. Slow down for a moment, take a deep breath… and think back to those carefree days when you were a small child or teenager, spending time with your parents, siblings, cousins and friends. The memories of those times probably live in your mind like soft, water-colored movies. If you’re like me, you wish that you had more photographs from those precious, fleeting moments.

Now we’re all grown up, with children of our own. Before you know it, they’ll be grown up and out of the house. What do you want to remember?  A photograph, if created well, can take us back in time, like nothing else.

I have a deep satisfaction when I capture moments that my clients can treasure forever. I used to be obsessed with having a technically perfect image; now I’m more concerned with how the image makes me feel. How it makes my clients feel.


I specialize in natural light portrait, lifestyle and wedding photography. I offer unique “Day in the Life” documentary-style photography that allows me to sort of melt into the background of your everyday life and document the details, the moments, the beauty of your life.




Time flies, and moments, once they pass, are gone forever… What do you want to remember?



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